October 14, 2021

Dear St Matthew’s Family,

“I am with you always, even to the end of time.” Matthew 28:20

I have appreciated seeing this reminder every time I am in the Nave. The promise of Jesus that even as he would die, resurrect, and ascend to heaven, he would be with us always and as some other translations write until the end of the age. God is present, God is faithful, let us remember and find comfort in God’s promises!

It’s been two months since I arrived at St Matthew’s. So much has happened in two months, even yesterday someone commented to me, “haven’t you already been here 6 months?!?” I’ve seen many of you many times and often. But I also realize that might not be how everyone is experiencing this time. Transitions and Covid and questions have left some folks feeling distant and disconnected. It’s been quite a season these last couple years at St Matthew’s and for the world beyond. My hope is that we as a community of believers can work to find ways to bridge that gap in the weeks and months to come.

There are of course more transitions on the horizon. I am happy to be with you through some of them. We announced a few weeks ago that Nancy Zimmerman, our Church Administrator, would be leaving. I know some of you have been very concerned that we acknowledge her work and her departure and do not worry, we will! We have not yet determined Nancy’s final day with us, once we do, you will all know, and we can start planning a time to appreciate her time with us. We currently believe it might be some time in November.

During the summer a request for volunteers to work on the transition team and the call committee went out. We thank you all for your willingness. In the coming months you will hear more about the process of working towards calling a new pastor. Both committees have an important part to play in this work. These first months of my time with St Matthew’s are giving me an education on how St Matthew’s functions and how it sees itself. It’s important that I have a sense of those things before we proceed to the formation of the transition team so that I can support their work well. The work of the transition team will then enable the call committee to be able to do their work. And as I mentioned, you will be hearing more about this process in the months to come.

Meanwhile the council and I are working through staffing changes and keeping the ministries of St Matthew’s doing their work. You will see a job posting for an Administrative Assistant to the Pastor coming out soon. We will be doing a little restructuring in the office. The Administrative Assistant will be doing many of the tasks that Nancy currently does with many of the changes affecting the internal work of the office versus the public face. The new Administrative Assistant will be who answers the church phone, who fields questions and who makes sure bulletins are printed for worship amongst many other tasks.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to welcome me and educate me on the area and the history of St Matthew’s. I look forward to meeting more of you, keep introducing yourselves and reaching out, I appreciate it very much! And if you’ve been away or out of touch for a while, I invite you back, I know you have friends that are missing you here, it would be great to see you again! And reach out to me if you need to talk about what is holding you back from returning.

I look forward to the rest of our time together, I believe we (myself included) can all grow in our faith and understanding of our call as disciples of Christ. I also believe it is more fun to do it together! Check out the weekly eBlast for opportunities to connect.

Peace to you and your family!

Pastor Kirsten