St. Matthew’s is providing meal service at Hilda Barg Homeless Prevention Shelter January 16-22. The address is 14945 Jefferson Davis Highway, Woodbridge, Virginia 22191. Ph 703-792-8810.

In light of the serious COVID-19 concerns we are asked that you drop your food off hot and ready to serve for 15 adults. NO pork products, please. The staff will have a cart waiting for you at the door around 6:15-6:30. Do not enter the building. The staff will take your food from you. If you are concerned about this procedure and wish to have food delivered please let them know. If you are going to be late, please call in advance and let the staff know (703-792-8810).

For “next day lunch” program only, those who are providing dinners on Tuesday and Thursday are asked to bring 1 pound of lunch meat (no pork), 1 pound of cheese, and 1 loaf of bread. Please bring 2 gallons of milk and 1 gallon of fruit juice for breakfasts.

Please review the available slots below to sign up. Please put your meal menu in the comments so we don’t all make the same thing. Thank you!