Please come for an all ages FASTNACHT Sunday school time on February 27th, 11:15 – noon, in the sanctuary! 

It is that time of year when, just before the season of Lent, we have historically thrown a party at St. Matthew’s with a Fastnacht celebration. This year, we will have a Fastnacht-themed Sunday School time for all ages. 

It is “Fastnacht Review 2022”. The theme is play on words to reconnect to the roots of Fastnacht and Carnival celebrations in general and a remembering of some fun times at past Fastnacht celebrations at St. Matthew’s. We will look at the history of Fastnacht, how it is celebrated, and how it is relevant to our Christian faith. Singing will be a part of our celebration as well as having some yummy treats to eat together or take home with you.