We have an opportunity to help provide Christmas gifts for children and youth in Prince William County foster care programs.  
This year Prince William County Department of Social Services
has asked for gift card donations for the children and youth.
Look for the Christmas display in the narthex to donate toward buying gift cards through Wednesday, November 23rd
(after our Thanksgiving Eve worship service)
. Amounts of $5.00 or $10.00 can allow children or youth to contribute also.

Gift cards will be purchased and given to the foster care program by December 1st.  The Prince William County Department of Social Services Holiday Project provides gifts as needed to children, youth, and young adults where the foster families do not have the additional resources to do so.  Many of the older youth are placed in facilities/group homes and will not be with any family over the holidays.  They take extra care to ensure that they are provided gifts.

Young adults who turned 18 while in foster care and have chosen to remain in the Fostering Futures program for additional guidance and support will also receive gifts.