During the hot days of summer we will read The Huntress by Kate Quinn and discuss it on August 7 at 2:30 pm at St. Matthew’s.

From pre-WWII Siberia to post-war Boston, three storylines weave together as the hunter becomes the hunted . . . When the Nazis attack the Soviet Union, fearless Russian Nina joins the legendary Night Witches, an all-female bomber regiment, and finds herself the prey of a vicious predator known as die Jägerin—the Huntress. After the war, British war-correspondent Ian becomes a Nazi hunter, tracking  the elusive Huntress. And in America, teenager Jordan delves into her new stepmother’s mysterious past, finding secrets that may threaten all she holds dear. This immersive novel illuminates the consequences of war on individual lives, and the price we pay to seek justice and truth.

Save the date: On September 11 we will discuss The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah.