Learn your part for “Come Rejoicing” for the Christmas Eve Virtual Choir. View in depth instructions here, or read below.

Practice your parts below, record a video, and submit by December 2nd.





You will need two devices to make your recording. You will play the guide track on a  PC, Mac, laptop, or tablet using wired headphones or ear buds. (no Bluetooth) 2. You will use your cell phone or Ipad to record yourself. You do not need headphones  for this. The built-in microphone will work fine. 

Click the track of your choice – Soprano, Alto, Tenor, or Bass. Practice until you feel comfortable with your part. Make sure you sing at the same tempo (speed) and pitch as the guide track. Follow the phrasing and diction of the singer as best as you can. 

When you are ready to record, make sure you are in a quiet place away from the TV,  radio, dog barks, washing machine, etc. It is easier to make this recording seated at a  desk or table. Make sure you have a light source such as a window or soft lamp in front of you. Use a windowless neutral wall behind you with limited furniture or artwork. Please wear the following: Women-red top; Men-White shirt & Christmas tie. 

Place your camera device in landscape position at eye level using books or a tripod. Try and avoid the ceiling in your view. See Examples below: 

Open the “Camera” app on your recording device. Set the mode to “Video”. Tap on  the symbol to switch to selfie mode. Center your self on the screen. Move  camera if necessary. When recording, you need to focus on the camera lens or the  tiny green light in the upper left corner of the phone while in landscape position. 

Do not look straight at your image. Make a test video of yourself talking to help you  get used to this process. 

When you are ready to record your track, tap the symbol to start recording  then start the voice track on your listening device. Following the lead-in counting and  clap with the singer. Proceed with the track. When done, stop the listening track, then tap red symbol again on phone.

To listen to your video, tap the image to the left of the red button. If you are not  happy with it, hit trash and repeat step 9 as often as you like. 

After you complete the recording, on your phone open your email “virtual choir  information” and click on the link to upload your virtual choir file: https://ln2.sync.com/dl/75ab54c30/i8tvqhd3-syqcu2y8-ktah9kqq-g4ji4fju

Click “upload files.” 

Click “choose files +” – this should give you the option to choose a file from your  photo library. 

Click on the video you recorded in your photo library. Wait for it to upload. And you’re done! Congratulations!!!!