At Christmastime St. Matthew’s seeks to provide dinner (see separate sign-up) and gifts for low-income families. Each slot below represents:

  • Adults: a new item of clothing
  • Children: each child is represented by two slots – one for clothing and one for a new toy

We ask that you spend a MINIMUM of $20 for each slot you fill. 

Please note that if the ethnicity of the individual is provided, the parent has requested that dolls or other toys/books are representative of specified ethnicity. 

All gifts should be wrapped and tagged with the “name” (ex. Family A, Adult 1) and brought to the church NO LATER THAN WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 9th. You can bring your items on SUNDAY, DECEMBER 6 between 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM or call the church office at 703-292-3090 to set up a drop off time.